Ballistol oil 200 ml spray

Ballistol oil 200 ml spray
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Manufacturer: Ballistol
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Ballistol oil 200 ml spray

Ballistol Oil for Skin Care and Pet Care: Ballistol is kind to the skin, cares for the skin and coat and is completely harmless if ingested accidentally. It has a disinfectant effect on wounds and promotes healing. Wound care was one of the three most important properties when Ballistol was developed. You can read more about this in the Ballistol story or under Ballistol and its history. In animals, Ballistol is particularly suitable for cleaning and caring for the fur, outer auricle, tail, mane and hooves. Here you will find further products for body care from wellness and massage oil to tropicalized insect repellants to nail care. Here you will find our products for animal care. materials Ballistol in leather care: Ballistol makes brittle and dry leather soft and elastic again and protects against drying out, water and rot and gives it a silk-matt shine. Residues of tannic acids in the leather are neutralized. Ideal for boots, saddles and bridles. Tried and tested in motorcycle leather clothing, leather jackets and coats made of smooth leather. Brittle leather gloves become soft and supple again. Warning: not for suede, light-colored leather can darken. The typical smell of Ballistol dissipates in a very short time. The leather does not oily. Here you can find more products for leather care. Ballistol spray and metal: Ballistol is widely used in machine and tool manufacture, in the manufacture of precision devices and scales. Ballistol forms an alkaline protective film on metals, neutralizes hand perspiration and other acidic rust-promoting residues and thus protects against corrosion. Due to its low surface tension and enormous creeping ability, Ballistol can reach even the tightest corners and the finest cracks in metal. Ballistol is ideal for the care of precision and measuring devices, scales and fine parts. Here you can find more products for metal care.

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